Tuesday, March 3, 2009

((More)) this is a photo I took of myself awhile ago,I think it's pretty awesome in a odd way. (lol) the one with the boy & girl just cracks me up. Cameron (Left) Is arm wrestling one of our friends Jason (Buff guy!) And this picture makes it appear that Bethany (Girl) Is the one with the massive arm.

Clearly I didn't take this photo because I"m in it but I Love it, About two or three years old of a photo now. Strange how time flys like that.

Here's some more of my photot's, just adding some really quick, Enjoy!

This is a photo of my friend
Kayla -> Not necessarily
Amazing but I love it. Next is a photo of my friends in Haverhill Mass Two years ago, painting a church on a missions trip.

My brothers up in our old woods(Long time ago) Then my lovely friends :) I like the black white and red effect I discovered.