Thursday, February 26, 2009

This is pretty much something I"m doing while being bored, seeing what all the huff is about blogging.Pretty much all I plan to do is share my obsession with Music and photography.
Keeps me busy while I"m bored!
Oh if you would like to see someone who doesn't look so lightly upon blogging, check out my moms, its her obsession.




  2. Dearest Katelyn:

    Your photos are AWESOME! Young minds not tainted by what is out there in the world allows for so much creativity. I enjoyed the slide show very much!

    You really should take me up on an early morning pontoon ride this year through the 3 seasons. You would be amazed at what is out there in the water, on land and in the air.

    Everyday I stand in front of my HUGE window and thank God for my panoramic view of life.

    What I have come to realize is that each day is so incredibly brand new, yesterday will never happen exactly the same way, tomorrow may never happen and today is meant to be cherished at every nano second ...

    Taking pictures helps to capture those precious moments that God provides for each of us. It is all in the eye of the beholder as some famous character once said.

    I am saving my nano pennies to buy a canon 30D. There is a lense I am also interested in that will bring moving events and distance right in my face ... that will be soooo cool!

    I have a friend who continues to upgrade his stuff and shares with me constantly.

    I should send you some of the sites he uses to continue to read up on his hobby turned second career when he retires.

    I will say that a passion is something that cannot be helped and must be fulfilled.

    Our son Keith, your cousin ( of coures) has taken his passion of fishing to the UMPH degree and is not writing for a small-local newspaper in MA. He is so pleased that they excepted his work ... and to think that it all started on a blog about fishing and folks just simply chatting and sharing back and forth.

    Well, someone wrote to him and suggested that he submit his stuff because this person thought it was pretty good stuff. So he did! And voila!

    Be careful about your work! I am thinking of starting a blog, but I am concerned about sharing versus piracy ... folks stealing your work. My innocence and naivety on how blogs work I'm sure.

    Again, your initial work is GREAT and fun too look at.

    Love to you

    aunt paula

  3. I should have critiqued my worwriting a little better a few errors that I am embarrassed about are except/accept and not/now in writing about Keith ... and me an English teacher ... oh well!